Sunday, June 08, 2014

A dream come true

A dream come true. Well, this had been in waiting for a long time ... but preparations started earnestly in Dec. My Christmas present (to myself) was good riding gear ... fit for touring. Helmet (with pin-lock for anti-fogging, and a flip front)- a Shoei Neotec, Held Quattrotempi gear ... and for the winters, a Gerbing heated Glove and of course, Boots. All set, the only thing required now was a Bike ... and (not to forget a license).

Went to NOG (North Oxford BMW Garage), to look at a used bike they had. Well, my luck, just before I reached there, that bike had been sold. Now I can say - my Good luck, for the same kind of price, was able to pick up a new model 2013 BMW TE in Blue. The TE is the high-spec model with cruise control and also the GPS Nav holder + the NAV wheel (now I can say - a pretty useless thing!).

Well, here is the babe. Enjoy

PS: Don't say I did not warn you - my Blog header, does say - ..."and motorcycling thrown in ... " for good measure.

Well, I am telling you about this late ... because, now things have started happening :) ... I will explain in further posts.