Sunday, January 29, 2012

The course on Social Learning!

To learn something new as well as share my experience, joined for a programme on "Introduction to Social Learning in the Workplace" run by Jane Hart of the Centre for Learning Performance Technologies (

Looking forward to learning.

A very interesting resource on social learning is also available on the C4LPT at Jane's Social Learning Centre website here. A good read indeed. Over the coming weeks, I will be reading this up and sharing my views here on this blog.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Kindle or Kobo?

Nope I don't have an eReader ... instead I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (the original 7" one). Both Kindle and Kobo reading software are installed on my - Laptop, my iPhone4, my Galaxy Tab and also my iPad 1.

I liked the Kindle reader - more for the great content from Amazon. I chanced upon Kobo not so much by choice but by the rumble of mergers and acquisitions in the corporate world (Samsung gave me a few free books from WHSmith on the Tab. WHSmith have moved over to the Kobo reader so all my purchases were transferred from the WHSmith android app to the Kobo app) .

The Kobo app has a much fresher look than the Kindle app. The Kindle app, for some reason looks and feels very dated. The social and other features of Kobo (except for the feature which plans to tell the world what you are reading via your FB account - if you enable it) such as badgets etc are also cool and the book shelf also looks much more polished than the interface of the Kindle software.

I have moved over to Kobo and have started purchasing books from there. Will update you if I change my mind and any reasons associated with the same.

Friday, January 06, 2012

BCS Berkshire Branch!

I have started attending the Tuesday evening meeting of the BCS Berkshire branch (have been attending for the past two months now) at the Copa Bar, Reading. Have met some great people, heard about exciting projects that people are working on and have gotten involved in helping the West-Berkshire council implement their new learning environment.

Planning on helping the council create a framework within which all schools under the council should have the do's don't's and best practices documented for a hassle-free transition from the old learning environment to the new! Looking forward to making a positive impact in this new year!