Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Named the bike!

I have a blue BMW 1200 GS.  For over a year, tried many names including Bluey, Wasser, Ganges, Matilda, and many German names ... but nothing stuck.

On a recent flight, watched "Dances with Wolves" for the umpteenth time - and then the penny dropped - Tatanka. That is what I will call my bike.

Not so much that the bike is like a wild bufallo, but 'tatanka' was the first word spoken in the contact between Dunbar and the Indians. That initial word, then led to long lasting friendship.

That is what my motorcycle helps me to do - meet up with new people, and create long lasting friendships.  Even if you do not speak or understand the language, the motorcycle becomes the talking point and then leads to many more interesting conversations.

Here's wishing and praying for many more safe miles on Tatanka!